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Zürich Blockchain Pitch and Networking Night Aug 2018

Blockchain Meeting

I had the great opportunity to attend the Zürich Blockchain Pitch and Networking Night at WestHive Zurich yesterday to see some of the innovative uses of the blockchain technology, not only in Zug’s Cryptovalley but also globally. There were some impressive start-ups showcasing innovative uses of blockchain technology in order to solve some of the biggest problems in the industry.

The evening was a great success and there were pitches from 9 start-ups from all over the world giving a short presentation on their project, their solution and teams. Additionally, there was the opportunity to network and a panel discussion

One of the core messages that I took home from the evening was whether blockchain technologies actually bring anything to the projects. There seem to be some questionable uses cases or start-ups where they seem to be latching onto the hype of blockchain. Of course the investors can see straight through this, so it benefits nobody.

The quality of the pitches were mixed, some fantastic pitches getting to the crux of the problem and presenting a tangible solution. Whereas some failed to grasp the idea of the time-boxed slot, leaving the audience with many questions and an incomplete idea of the start-up.

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