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The start of the next challenge…

It has been something I’d been contemplating for a while, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to return to university to study towards a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). An MBA is a course designed to develop core business knowledge for those with some industry experience. I applied and have been accepted to study a part time, online MBA course at the University of Birmingham. I’ll juggle this alongside working full time (for now at least)

For those who know me a little better, may agree with me when I say I can be slightly rash or impulsive and often come up with ideas that are not always followed through to complete. Whilst this may be partially true, an MBA is something that I’m totally committed to and with the structure of the course, something that I am sure I will complete.

Lifelong learn is one of my core principles and further education is something I have been practicing ever since graduated with my undergraduate degree.

Studying under books
I’d better get ready to hide myself in the library again

I like to set myself challenges, to push myself and see

where my limits are. Studying an MBA will do this, I am sure. I understand that I will have to make sacrifices, set my priorities and work efficiently with my time. We all have the same amount, it’s all about how we use it most efficiently. Hopefully through having to juggle many things at once  (MBA, career, personal life, blog) i’ll be able to learn some tactics to handle my time better and share this with you.

Then comes the question, why an MBA? Why not CFA, or another post graduate course?

It’s true, there are an increasingly large number of courses and methods to study. And with more companies providing online courses then why don’t I do one of these? Firstly an MBA is a rounded package of modules that should complement each other. Careful thought has been taken to ensure the content is relevant, challenging and relatable. Secondly and MBA itself gleans prestige and people pay for the brand. Having an MBA on your C.V added a massive amount of value and grabs attention. Furthermore an MBA allows students to network and meet like minded individuals.

I need to finish a few outstanding tasks (German for one), but hope I can devote as much time to my course as possible. I intend to really submerse myself into studying again, to gather as much as possible from this course. This blog will allow me to report my insights, progress and hopefully you’ll be part of this journey.

Have you thought about studying an MBA? Do you agree to my ethos of “Lifelong learning”? I look forward to reading your comments

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